Our 5 Star Service

They’re at your service from the beginning to the end, ensuring your satisfaction before, during and after the purchase and installation of every Go-Élan product…

We are a Canadian family-run SME with 20 employees. Our success comes from two generations of traditional values, quality and innovation. We design, manufacture and assemble our products ourselves in Bécancour, Québec, which allows us to provide you with personalized 5 Star Service:

Our Specialists – Star by Star

1 Listening

Building a relationship of trust

It all starts here. We pay attention to your needs, taking the time to carefully understand what it will take to help you through a successful process.

1st Star Specialists: Nancy, Bassirou, Kevin

Advice 2

Co-creating a project that reflects your image

Your project will be a team project. You have your needs and your ideas. We have the expertise and the desire to satisfy you. That’s a winning combination!

2nd Star Specialists: Daniel, Freddy

Artisans de la 2e étoile : Daniel, Freddy
Artisans de la 3e étoile : Raymond, Michel, Sylvain

3 Design

The manufacture of robust and attractive products, in a responsible way

To us, outdoor playtime is a serious business. We take the long view and build durable products so that we’ll make you smile as much as the kids do, for a long, long time.

3rd Star Specialists : Raymond, Michel, Sylvain

Delivery 4

Flexible and efficient logistics

Your time is valuable, so we arrange the delivery of your playground equipment at a schedule that’s convenient for you.

4th Star Specialist: Chantal

Artisan de la 4e étoile : Chantal
Artisans de la 5e étoile : Magali, Carolyne

Satisfaction 5

We’ll make you go “Wow” before, during and after…

Satisfaction that lasts: that’s what we’re looking for! A well-designed project, joyfully built with strong and attractive products that will be enjoyed by big and small for years to come!

5th Star Specialists: Magali, Carolyne

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