From the Design… to Reality!

You can rely on our 3D plans.

They’re a perfect rendition of what will become reality. We’ve put together a portfolio of real projects to demonstrate. Compare the “drawing table” version to the real-life photo of the installed playstructure. Train your eye to read 3D plans.

Now you’re ready to explore our catalogue and see what the playground in your mind looks like “for real.”

Voir les étapes de production

Compare the 3D plan to real life

Location: Parc Pierre-Laporte, Haute Saint-Charles, Québec City
Product: Puzzle PZ-M313
Project Details: 1½ to 5 year olds get to enjoy themselves on this playstructure, thanks to a partnership between the CLSC (community health clinic) and the city borough.

Location: Parc Jean-Saumure, Town of Rougemont
Product: Puzzle Plus PZP-K290
Project Details: Playstructure for children aged 5 to 12 with a variety of activities in the same playstructure. Even with a limited playground area, the kids have lots of fun whirling, sliding, climbing and…suspended in air!

Location: Godefroy Market, Town of Bécancour
Product: Junior Puzzle PZJ-316
Project Details: “These additions are a big plus for what the Market has to offer,” says the General Manager. “We’ve already seen that the children like the play set, as do their parents. We’ve already seen a lot of young families come in and the season has only started.”
Check out some photos of their installation.

Location: Parc Dumas, City of Laval
Products: PZ-719-01, K-06
Project Details: A nice example of a play set co-created with a customer who chose the components and colors.

Location: Municipal Park, Ste-Marie-de-Blandford
Product: Puzzle PZ-K411-01
Project Details: Designed for kids 1½ to 5 years old, this playstructure includes multiple access points, activities and slides.

Location: Municipal Park, Municipality of St-Bruno-de-Kamouraska
Products: Puzzle Plus PZP-K523, BT-06-10 Swing Set, M-245-9 Climber
Project Details: The customer chose a playstructure, a swing set, a fortress wall and outdoor site furnishings …..nicely put together for 5 -12 year olds.

Location: Municipal Park, Municipality of St-Bruno-de-Kamouraska
Products: Puzzle PZ-R273, the Parrot K-16
Project Details: Two playstructures, one for each age group in the school.

Lieu: École Mgr-Boucher, Cs de Kamouraska
Produits: Puzzle PZ-R275, Puzzle Plus PZP-832, La Moto-Patrouille K-31, Grimpeur RM-12-S2-70
Détails de projet: Deux modules de jeux pour chacun des groupes d’âge de cette école occupent les enfants à la récréation.

Location: La Ribambelle School, Bois-Francs School Board, Victoriaville
Products: Junior Puzzle PZJ-1000, the Rockies Climber JA-030
Project Details: A playstructure with 21 components. All the different height levels let kids run and play without touching the ground.

Location: Municipal Park, Town of Shannon
Products: Puzzle PZ-473, Puzzle Plus PZP-M483, the Patrol Car K-30, the Giraffe K-28, the JA-019 Spinner.
Project Details: This park is a beautiful spot for kids to play, out in nature.

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