When it comes to safety,
nothing is left to chance!

We care
about your safety

We conduct inspections every step of the way, from the drawing board to playstructure assembly on the playground:


The structural integrity of our products is certified by a licensed engineer and an ACPL/CSA-certified inspector.


Several tests are conducted at each step of production. An engineer belonging to the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec attests to product conformity and supervises our internal quality testing. Upon request, we may issue a certificate of compliance for any playstructure.


Each prototype undergoes a battery of tests to ensure compliance to the various applicable standards. We are a proud and certified member of IPEMA!


A team of professionals conducts the installation of playground equipment, according to our carefully-prepared plans and specifications and upon your approval. These documents follow best practices (and all standards!) and ensure on-site safety when observed to the letter.

This is why it’s possible to install your equipment yourself. We will provide you with detailed assembly instructions so that all playstructures meet the highest safety standards.

We comply
with all standards

Go-Élan playground equipment meets, and even exceeds, the following standards and directives:

Norme canadienne de sécurité dans les aires de jeu

Canadian safety standard for children’s playspaces and equipment
CAN/CSA-Z614 in effect
Canadian Standards Associationn

Norme américaine de sécurité dans les aires de jeu

USA safety standard for playground equipment
American Society of Testing Materials

Norme qui définit les accès aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Standard defining access for disabled persons
ADA Guidelines
Access Board

We belong

International Playground Manufacturer Association

IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) is an international association of outdoor playground equipment manufacturers. It certifies the compliance of our equipment according to Canadian safety standard CSA-Z614 Children’s playspaces and equipment.

The particular importance of IPEMA is that it validates our compliance to the standard by using an independent laboratory that certifies each one of our parts.

We are certified members and our parts are in the certification process.

We are

In addition to ensuring the application of all existing standards, Go-Élan is renowned for the speed with which we adjust our manufacturing processes whenever the industry imposes new requirements.