Some Paperwork
Can Make Your Project Great

Almost all levels of government provide grants for playground projects.

Formalize a Budget and Apply for Grants

Playgrounds have been built with single-source funding, but not very often. Set a pro-forma budget with realistic targets that will allow you to seek financial assistance. Several levels of government have grant programs that can bolster your budget and perhaps even permit expansion of your initial playground plan.

Grants Available in Québec

Here are some programs which will be of certain interest:

Have you contacted your MRC?
Through the Pacte rurale et de la Politique nationale de la ruralité, you may be eligible for financing from MAMOT (Ministère affaires municipales et occupation du territoire). Consult the MRC directory and your MRC’s web site for details.

The Québec Education Department’s Schoolyard Improvement Program
The Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR) finances, in cooperation with local communities, improvement projects for elementary school yards undertaken by school boards. A grant may cover:

  • Grounds preparation;
  • Installation of playstructures;
  • Development of collective and individual playgrounds and rest areas that include green space

You may even request a supplement (10% of the total grant amount to a maximum value of $5,000) for schoolyard activities.

Get in touch with your school board.

Elementary schools may approach Kino-Québec with projects involving the improvement or purchase of equipment promoting physical activity, which certainly includes playstructures. Check the Department of Education web site to find the next deadline for applications or contact Kino-Québec.

New Horizons for Seniors Program
Are you considering outreach to senior citizens in your community project? Go-Élan is the originator of the Fitness Trail™ which is appropriate for people of all ages. By including adults in your project, the New Horizons for Seniors Program can help you make your playground an activity centre for kids and their grandparents, too.

Municipalités amies des aînés (MADA) Program
The Québec ami des aînés (MADA) program may have financing for your playground project if it includes facilities that promote physical activity for seniors.

Call for Tenders or Negotiated Contract?

This will depend on your organization’s rules of procedure, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to draft a quote or even publish a call for tenders. Your playground project will involve these possible scenarios:

Open Call for Tenders includes strict procedures, but any enterprise that can guarantee provision of the required products and/or services may submit a bid. An open call for tenders usually results in the choice of the lowest bid but may also employ a weighted decision-making process.

Restricted Call for Tenders offers more freedom because you choose the providers you wish to submit bids. You then choose the company that, for instance, seems most qualified to fulfill your needs, whether qualitatively or quantitatively. Bids are usually requested from 3 enterprises in a restricted call for tenders.

A Negotiated Contract is employed in projects costing $25,000 or less, taxes included. You select your provider based on your own criteria, and negotiate the total cost directly.