Your Quebec manufacturer since 1985

35 years of intergenerational experience and expertise go into making accessible, robust, and durable play equipment from materials that respond to the highest industry standards.


Go-Élan Mission is…

Create childhood memories full of fun and laughter, and encourage the development of active lifestyles by reinventing the way we play. We’ve made it possible for children to experience fun and growth on our playstructures, while making the development process easy and enjoyable for our clients, allowing them to stay within their budgets.

Go-Élan, the proud originator of games like UGO, is getting the kids of today back to the playground by giving them activities they want and understand. UGOis an innovation from Go-Élan, Canada’s very own manufacturer of outdoor playground equipment. The new UGO game series combines technology with manufacturing brilliance to capture the essence of play today. UGO play modules offer youngsters a fun and immersive experience.

We originated the Parcours Sante™/Fitness Trail for adults, as a place where young and old alike can develop and maintain healthy lifestyles together in a safe environment.

In our work for campgrounds, town or city parks, schoolyards and daycares, our designers out-do themselves in crafting playstructures that always respect budget and space limitations

What We Do: Quality outdoor playgrounds designed and manufactured in Canada by a team of qualified professionals responding to the priorities of our clients and ensuring their absolute satisfaction. That’s a promise.


Our Factory

Our 57,000 square foot plant is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

All our operations happen right here in our plant: the cutting and bending of metal, welding, cleaning, painting, baking, labelling and inspection, packaging and shipping, and quality testing. We’ve expanded 3 times: in 1998, 2002 and 2012.

Everybody works hard at their jobs, contributing to the manufacture of well-built and attractive products in a responsible way.

Have a look at what we do at the manufacturing plant every day, in this video. (By the way, we made this a few years ago; we’ve been around now for 35 years!)

At Go-Élan, we take the art of play very seriously

Nothing in the world gives us more pride than to hear the joyful shouts of children on our playground equipment, developing their skills on our Go-Hop playstructures or kicking up their heels on our freestanding playstructures. We also take satisfaction in seeing adults do their warmups, keeping their muscles toned and their bodies flexible on our Parcours Santé™/Fitness Trail or take a break with a book (and one eye on the kids) from the comfort of our outdoor site furnishings. It’s a pleasure that’s renewed year after year because of our obsessive attention to durability and safety.

For these reasons, we apply ourselves with a commitment above and beyond that of our competitors. We live up to our 5 Star Service promise all the way through every project, from understanding your needs to delivery. That’s because we want to put a “Wow” on the lips of everyone who joins our family.

And so, to make you happy, and because we have an unshakeable belief in quality of our products, we offer a guarantee that’s unique to the market.

We want to be your partner in play. It’s an honour and a privilege to be at the inauguration of your park. We’re proud to hear the laughter of children having fun on our playstructures. We mean it: Nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing we’ve contributed to something good for your community.