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After more than 35 years of experience in park design, at Go-Elan, we bring to it the same passion, the same care, the same professionalism. Our utmost concern is to make your project happen smoothly.

That’s why cities and municipalities, schools and school boards, daycares and nurseries and even architects have worked with us to design and install innovative Go-Elan play sets, Parcours Santé™/ Fitness Trails and outdoor site furnishings.

Some want a simple bouncer; others a combination of freestanding playstructures (our record: 9,240 square feet of them!!), while others want playstructures, sometimes extravagant ones (including one covering 2,500 square feet!), to create a veritable parallel universe. All become members of our family and are treated that way, no matter the size of the project.

Because we all want to hear the unrestrained laughter of the children.

9,240 square feet (2,816m2) of freestanding playstructures

2,500 square feet – a single playstructure, for 140 kids!