New nature line Go-Élan 2020

For several years, customers from across Quebec have asked manufacturers to offer products around the theme of “nature”. The goal is generally to better integrate the game into the natural environment of a park. The proposal of different manufacturers is limited to the use of the same classic materials, but using different color ranges.

Go-Élan has once again decided to innovate by offering a new line of products that integrate with nature in a more modern and urban way.

Canopée*, inspired by the design of mini-houses and “cabins” created by the best architects and which are the envy of design lovers.

Created in collaboration with Étienne Bernier Architecture, a renowned architectural firm, these new-style modules integrate fun activities for the little ones and activities at height for the more daring.

Passers-by will be able to enjoy this integrated design with the most current layout wich will undoubtedly delight all those who want to move.

*Canopée is compatible with Ugo!


Canopée Go-Élan 2020

Canopée Catalogue