École Laval à Ste-Thérèse de la Gatineau


Your Playground

The first who’ve taken this opportunity are delighted; they covered their equipment with their own unique signatures!!

You can attribute your organization or recognize your donors, and show park users who made it all happen!

How does it work?

You put your logo on playground equipment, tell us at the beginning of the process so we can tell you what we need to make it happen. For instance, it may impact the length of the play structure’s posts.

When you are ready to finalize the contract, you’ll provide us with your logo in high-definition PDF format. We screen print it in high resolution on an aluminum plate. And…it’s done.

Customers also sometimes match the colors of their playground to that of their organization or neighbouring architecture

Brand New!

After requests from several customers, we now offer you the option of adding a logo to your playground!