Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Our plant is in the Centre-du-Québec region, in Bécancour, Canada.

How long does it take you to deliver?

Our standard delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks and our standard installation time is 6 to 8 weeks.

Can we have several colors?

Yes, and there’s no extra charge! Go to our color scheme section to find out more.

If we do our own installation, does the warranty still apply?

Yes, as long as you follow the installation instructions provided with the hardware. Our clients frequently do their own installations with the help of volunteers from the community or municipal employees. Our documentation includes schematics and assembly details, along with the proper playground dimensions for each piece of equipment.

Is it possible to customize our equipment?

We are the manufacturers and we’re proud to offer the flexibility that permits so, yes, we are able to adapt your equipment in many ways, from the playground design, to your choice of colors and even the addition of your logo.

What protective surfacing do you have?

We offer 3 types of protective surfacing: sand, washed and sifted; gravel, and; 100% cedar fibre (no bark).

Do you offer project completion services beyond design and manufacture?

Is your equipment always installed on concrete?

More than 85% of our equipment comes with a stringer mount system, and does not require concrete at all. Such playstructures and freestanding equipment may be installed with a stringer mount system, eliminating obstacles faced by the need to excavate soil such as rock and stones, roots and clay.
Installation with a stringer mount system also has the advantage of being faster because there is no waiting for concrete to dry. Furthermore, it can be easily moved after initial installation, yet another benefit that playstructures in concrete do not provide.

What questions should we be asking before we buy a playstructure?

We’re so happy that you’ve posed this question because we know very well that the acquisition of equipment for an outdoor playground should be a long-lasting and sustainable investment. It’s why we created the Project Planning Guide. And don’t hesitate for one moment to contact our representatives to help you through any stage of your project. We take every single project to heart.

Do your playstructures conform to all aplicable standards?

We are proud to meet or exceed the safety standards of Canada’s CSA-Z614 and we have done so from the creation of these safety standards in 1990.

Do you sell your equipment to individual buyers?

Our equipment is designed for institutional clients, and is not necessarily appropriate for residential usage.


Do you make indoor play equipment?

If you mean the type of equipment found at indoor recreation centres, the answer is no. However, we have at times adapted some of our playstructures for indoor usage.

Do you have synthetic surfaces?

We prefer to use protective surfacing in sand (washed and sifted), gravel, and 100% cedar fibre (no bark) because they offer great flexibility in the event of future playground expansion or if there arises an eventual need to relocate the equipment. Furthermore, the cost of a synthetic surface is higher, taking a larger percentage of the playground budget and leaving less for the play equipment.
Having said this, some of our customers prefer synthetics for their visual appeal and ease of maintenance, so we have partners with whom we work to provide these surfaces.

Do you have water play equipment?

Yes, we have a line of water-play equipment but it’s quite different from what you’ll find at aquatic centres. Our line of jardinet water-play equipment was first developed for daycare centres and nurseries whose primary concern was ease of installation. It must be noted that the usage of such equipment demands supervision in a controlled environment as it is very simply connected to a water hose.

Because of this, municipalities with playground or day camp programs saw them as an opportunity to offer their users water fun without a major investment.

Do you offer any promotions?

Yes! ???? Please talk to your representative.