Outdoor class

A healthy classroom

In addition to a wide selection of outdoor site furnishing, Go-Élan offers a type of furniture that will appeal to all schoolchildren: The Outdoor Class.

The Go-Élan Outdoor Classroom is a tailor-made space for teaching outdoors.

The beneficial effects will be numerous for the young (and not so young) of your community who will take advantage of this reserved space in the schoolyard or in the park to study and learn outdoors!

The benefits

The benefits of outdoor education are numerous:

  • Better attention;
  • More motivation;
  • Better participation;
  • An improvement in self-discipline;
  • A reduction in stress;
  • Encourages mobility and movement;
  • Etc.

In the Magazine 100 degrés, we can read that “contact with nature immediately made children more attentive and more motivated while reducing their level of stress”. Consult the vast dossier of Pédagogie en plein air de 100 degrés for more on the subject.

The outdoor classroom can be connected to a playground and integrated into a municipal park.


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