Go with Go-Élan

When you contact Go-Élan about your playground project, you’ll feel it right away: that you have a partner who’s on your side.

We understand the importance of your project and we want to partner up with you. We’re going to stay on budget and maximize your investment. Your deadline…well, that’s our deadline too.

This is how we work.

And we articulate that in these 5 points



Build a relationship of trust so that we can understand your needs, perhaps even beyond your ability to explain them.



Apply our expertise to guide you through the co-creation of a project that fulfills your needs in a way that represents who you are.



Manufacture strong, safe and attractive products in a responsible manner.



Facilitate smooth and efficient logistics that reduces costs and makes your life simpler.



We take joy in making you go “Wow” before, during and after the project. May a sense of playfulness be with you always.


And, you know what?

We’re not only skilled artisans but we are happy people. After all, we live and breathe in a playground world all day long… we have a lot of fun!

When you first contact Go-Élan

Tell us all about your project! It’s like the beginning of a beautiful story. We can help write it to the very end, by developing your ideas with personalized assistance.

When you contact us, give us all the information you have:

  • The dimensions of your grounds: you might be surprised by what we can do with it.
  • Your budget: even if it’s a preliminary project estimate, knowing the approximate size will help us make realistic suggestions and maximize your investment.
  • Target age group: right away, we can start talking about playstructures, accessories, and so on.