Puzzle series

The “Wow” factor

Our Puzzle playstructures are made for three age groups, from 18 months to 12 years.

With our Puzzle series, kids decide what they want to do: sliding, climbing, crossing ramps, jumping or crawling. From the first tentative steps to running full-tilt, alone or in a group, they’ll have fun for hours.

These playstructures have different entries and exits. Kids can come in an exit or go out an entrance…there are no limitations to their imaginations.

The most popular Puzzle accessories

Crossings and bridges

  • Crossing from one deck to another
  • Height challenge
  • Develops balance skills


  • Crawling from one deck to another
  • Increased height challenge


  • Sliding, unquestionably the most popular activity for children
  • Vary the types and heights of slides: straight, curved, spiral, double, triple
  • Hear them go “yahoooo”!

Upper Body components

  • Crossing to the other side without touching the ground
  • Working the upper body
  • Moving linearly, arched, rounded or turning


  • Entering the playstructure, using the whole body
  • Defying convention by using it as an exit

Play panels

  • Playing “ice cream stand” or “restaurant”
  • Interacting safely
  • Decorate the structure, when placed up high

Roofs and decoration

  • Gives shade to a play deck
  • Add a theme
  • Allows for imaginative touch


  • Add movement and sound
  • Transform structure into boat, HQ, castle
  • (Children not included with purchase)