Jardinet Water Play equipment

Our Jardinet Water Play equipment is a big favourite, especially since all it takes is a simple garden hose. Portable and easy to store, they provide a refreshing mist on those hot summer days.

Easy to set up and use

This is a truly remarkable water play equipment because it calls for absolutely no installation or maintenance by an electrician or plumber!

Nor does it demand any particular surface. It can be in a set place or moved around according to need or whim, in the sun or the shade.

How easy could it be to get wet and have fun! One thing is certain: when a heat wave hits, these are like superstars to the rescue! All models are made of stainless steel and high-density polyethylene.


Pretty Little Portables


5 kinds of mist jets

They’ll dash around it, jumping and twirling, running close and running away. These mist jets make the water actually feel warmer! They’re also safe for little kids (no strong spray into little eyes!).

Depending on water pressure, jets will shoot up to 10 feet.

FLOR – WP‑003

1 mist jet

Flor is the cutest of them all! It has the best aesthetics of the line, and kids love it because they can jump right over it. We recommend getting 2 or 3 Flor units so they can play leap-frog or zig-zag.

“Classic” style


4 kinds of mist jet

The Cactus-Cola has a surprising height of 100 inches (2.54m). It sprays a minimum 10 feet in radius, leaving lots of room to invent games and get happily soaked!

As with all Jardinet water play equipment, the Cactus-Cola is fed by a garden hose but it’s the only one in the line that is a permanent playground fixture. It’s anchored in concrete and requires no daily maintenance. The Cactus-Cola is solid, made of stainless steel and high-density polyethylene.